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Don’t panic because as we think we can help you here – chill out with CHILI BUSINESS STARTUP

CHILI BUSINESS STARTUP package is designed with an entrepreneur in mind, who is ready to get to grips with business and shows enthusiasm for modern and simple solutions. Your new enterprise or product will be put right on fast track with CHILI BUSINESS STARTUP.

You can put your trust to our expertise and just let us work creatively to surprise you with an excellent solution that will substantially contribute to your success. Please note that your initial expenditure to build up your visual identity will quickly turn into a profit. A well-designed logo, a great-looking catalogue or a stunning packaging design are essential tools that work for your enterprise.

We can deliver whatever visual solution your new company needs, and that’s at a fraction of a cost!

What we do first is we start with designing your name and logo, which will be the core of your identity. We put these everywhere on your premises (think sign posts, plates, cars, etc.). Then we design all the necessary prints, such as business cards, company’s headed paper, envelopes, product folders). Next, we make sure your company looks great in the internet (email stationery, internet services). We also create a unique and beautiful catalogue or brochure with our professionally shot photos so that your product simply looks perfect!

We are ready to help and design other elements of your enterprise’s visual identity – just pop in and have a talk with us. Or simply go to our design brief on our website and let us know what you’re looking for so that we could know where we begin our work!

Give us a call or drop us a line so we could meet – you will see we can do for you a lot more than you think!

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